Sari Sosa
Sari Sosa
Some people are born with the ability to sing, others with the ability to dance, some to paint; I was born to plan events. There are few things that bring me more joy than seeing one of my events come to fruition. Not only do I enjoy the design and organizational aspect of bringing everything together, but the emotional component of being part of such a special and unforgettable day in people’s lives is by far the best part of what I do. I am fortunate to combine my background in Business Administration along with my innate organizational skill and nurturing positive attitude to all my events. I take every event personally as if it were my very own. I not only apply my expertise and experience, but most importantly I pour my heart into all my projects. After seven years and over 200 events, I still wake up every day loving what I do and passionate about making my clients’ dream day a reality.
Meet the Team
the team
Alexis BacerioFrancis BacerioAlexandra Trujillo

Alexis Baceiro
Not many people are fortunate enough to say that they have a job they love or colleagues they respect and adore. Fortunately for me, I am among the few who can happily say that I have both. That being said, I am 24 years young with a passion for event planning and academic and creative writing. I have a Bachelor in English and a certificate in Professional and Public Writing; hence I manage the company’s blog aside from my position as event-planner assistant. What I enjoy most about working in this field is that I get to be a part of so many different people’s special moments. Whether it be a wedding, baby-shower, birthday party or any special occasion, it never gets old for me because we treat each individual event as a unique and special journey.

Francis Baceiro
Working for this company has enabled me to combine my background in Public Relations along with my intrinsic organizational skills and fun and enthusiastic attitude to every event. I am a 22 year-old part-time event-coordinator assistant and full-time student. I enjoy working closely with all of our clients to assure that their special occasions are magical and unforgettable. Aside from event-planning, my other passions include dancing and choreographing which help me to bring the right synergy to every party.

Alexandra Trujillo
Being a dancer all my life, I’ve grown up hearing that practice makes perfect; well I’ve learned that the same goes for organizing parties and special events, planning makes perfect. Having said that, I am a part-time dance instructor as well as a Marketing and Communications major at Florida International University; therefore event-planning is a dream job for me because I get to combine my expertise with my inventiveness. My experience as a dancer and as an instructor has given me a deep appreciation for art which is why I consider each event a unique work of art. Outside of work and school, I occupy myself with “DIY” (do it yourself projects) that I find on Pinterest or other crafty ideas that I come up with on my own.

Julian Moreno

They call me the expert on the “guy stuff” because on game day I’m more resourceful than the Best Man himself. Playing football in Christopher Columbus High School made a leader out of me which is reflective in my career today as an event-organizer. Football also taught me a lot about teamwork which is why I work so well with my fellow co-workers and why I’m called the expert at catering to our clients’ needs so that they can have a stress-free and memorable day/night. When I’m not helping make someone’s special occasion extra special, I’m in school working towards my degree in Business Management. On my spare time I enjoy playing sports and practicing photography.